Links to my most popular recipes

Links to my most popular recipes - Cherimoya Smoothie

If you’ve followed Style Escape for a few years, you know it ran primarily as a magazine with a little shop. Since I switched the store from WordPress to Shopify in mid-March 2023, I, unfortunately, lost links to the recipes. My most popular recipes seemed to be people's favourite (favorite) posts of mine overall!

If you’re new to Style Escape, below has a little background into my recipes if you’re interested!

I still have a site up until I figure out how to transfer the recipes to this site.  Hopefully, I can figure out a way to transfer my most popular recipes to this site in the future.

Here are links to my most popular recipes:

A bit about my globally-inspired vegan and gluten-free recipes

All recipes are vegan or plant-based and gluten-free. They are globally inspired and healthy. My parents are from Guyana, South America, so I love spicy food. Being born in Canada, we were raised with traditional Guyanese food and Canadian food. My friends were from all over the world, so I found a love for food from everywhere. And my recipes reflect that.

I use chilli peppers in almost everything. They’re fantastic for stress and metabolism, but if you can’t eat spicy food, banana peppers are an option with no spice and still give the same benefits. Alternatively, you can omit the peppers altogether. It doesn’t change the recipe taste.

I feel like I’m constantly finding out I’m allergic to something new. Yet, nothing gets put back in my “not allergic to anymore” pile.

Here’s a quick overview of how my recipes came to life.

 I tested positive for celiac. But when I was retested, it came out negative because I couldn’t eat enough gluten before the test without getting sick. So, I just say it’s a sensitivity.

 I’m allergic to fish and shellfish – including tuna. Who is allergic to tuna? I am, that’s who!

Dairy also became my food enemy. I found out it was causing digestive issues and cystic acne. Not hard to give it up after that!

And that’s how I came to develop my vegan and gluten-free recipes!

Most of my recipes are based on things I used to cook when I was just gluten-free. I worked them into new formats. Once I got more comfortable cooking plant-based food, I started experimenting and came up with some things I love!

Substitute any items if you don’t have allergies or restrictions.

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