My best ways to be more sustainable in life, part 3

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Sustainability tips part 3 - food sustainability

For part three of my best ways to be more sustainable in your life series, I talk about seven tips to eat more sustainably. I mentioned in parts one and two of the series that I’ve made a targeted effort to be more sustainable in multiple parts of my life for the last five years.

One of the ways I make changes is to start with the ones I find easier to do and work my way up to the more difficult ones.

Part one of this series discussed how to be more sustainable in your day-to-day life, and part two talked about bathroom sustainability.

Out of all the aspects of my life, eating was the easiest one to start becoming more sustainable. Most of it was life making it this way. I’ll get to that after the list.

As with my last articles, the list below is just a start. You can do many other things to make your bathroom more sustainable. Since it can take time to make life changes, hopefully, some of these tips can help ease you into it if you want to make some sustainability changes.

Seven of my best ways to be more sustainable- tips to eat more sustainably

As an added bonus – these tips all help save money as well!

  1. Eat more food variety. 75% of the world’s food supply comes from just 12 plants and five animal species.*
  2. Eat more plant-based food. Recent studies show that meat consumption has risen 500% in the last 12 years.* Rebalancing your diet to plants can help.
  3. Buy local! The less distance food travels to get to your plate; the fewer emissions are used. Buying locally also helps support your local economy, which these days is crucial for all economies, no matter where you live.
  4. Cut down on food waste. Food waste is the third emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world.
  5. Grow your own food: Not only is it more sustainable, but it tastes better too! Even if you live in an apartment, some herbs and other things can grow by windows. I’ll add an article about it in the future.
  6. Find out about your fish. A lot of fish is over-farmed. When you’re shopping next time, check for a blue MSC label or ASC label. These labels show they are from a well-managed source.
  7. Try lesser-known fish when you can find them. These fishes aren’t over-farmed.

Eating more sustainably was easier than some of the other things I had to do in this three-part series. Life made it that way years before I looked at being more sustainable. Based on allergies and stuff, I had to eat more plant-based food, no fish, and I eat small portions at a time, so no waste.

If you need some more best ways to be more sustainable in your life:

  • Check out our sustainable living resources
  • Read parts one and two of the series

If you have any sustainability ideas you’d like to share, drop them in the comments!


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    Thanks for the tips and reminders

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