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Say hi to the brand BrunnaCo!

BrunnaCo is an environmentally and socially sustainable clothing brand based in California. Founded by Helga Ida Ayu, originally from Indonesia, each collection is handcrafted by select Indonesian artisans from the comfort of their homes.

BrunnaCo creates beautiful, wearable pieces using locally harvested materials that positively impact our environment. They also share the stories of their female artisans and support the local Indonesian artisan community.

Featuring BrunnaCo

Their designs have been featured in British Vogue, Glamour, Tatler UK, Conde Nast Traveller, Good Housekeeping, Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Coastal Living and Indonesian Culture.

Discover the hidden beauties of traditionally handcrafted collections by many talented Indonesian artisans. Discover BrunnaCo.

BrunnaCo's sustainability and social good

BrunnaCo creates its beautiful pieces using locally harvested plant-based materials, vegan, recycled, organic, and other eco-friendly materials that positively impact the environment. Their top priority is ethical handcrafted manufacturing and supporting the well-being of their artisan families and communities.

They commit to enabling their female artisans to work from home. In Indonesia, many women must sacrifice their job and career after marriage to dedicate their lives to their families. BrunnaCo commits to helping empower women to be able to do both – have a career while staying devoted to their families.

The Style Escape’s sustainability promise 

We’re committed to sustainability and helping to make positive changes for the future health of the environment. The Style Escape sells only sustainable brands that focus solely on providing slow fashion and giving back to others. In addition, they pay fair wages.

We package the items we ship in eco-friendly packaging, and all brands we sell do as well or are working on switching to eco-friendly packaging.

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