3 easy corset style tips

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3 easy corset style tips

A fab corset or bustier doesn’t need much to make heads turn! Without a doubt, they stand on their own! Basic black, white, or whatever colour (color), it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have the confidence to pull off this look. It’s all it takes to make it work, in my humble opinion!

The warmer season is here, and what better time than now to pull out all the stops and step out in one of these beauties!

Style tips for your fab corset or bustier

On their own, corsets and bustiers are shock and awesome. You don’t really need to overthink it when it comes to jewellery (jewelry) and accessories. You’re wearing it for a reason, so don’t make it hard for people to see it!

  1. Dress it down. Wear it with Jeans, track pants, leggings, a skirt or under an oversized jacket. Anything goes with one of these tops. Flats or runners of your choice finish the look, or make a sassy statement with a pair of colourful (colorful) Doc Martins.
  2. Dress it up. A bustier is a perfect complement to this season’s must-have sequined suit or metallic maxi skirt. Stilettos and a matching purse finish the look. Keep jewellery (jewelry) to a minimum to let the shine and boldness of the overall outfit make your statement. You don’t want to lose yourself in all the details.
  1. Emphasize it. Get a bustier or corset in animal print, red or hot pink and pair it with neutral-coloured pants. Like in the photo above, the top is a style on its own!

This is just a quick little read for ideas to style your corset or bustier. Check out some of our other tips.

The corset tops that are shown in the photo are from Hut Mentality’s previous collections. Check out the styles we have available.

Photo credit: Hut Mentality.

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