Tips to be fashionable more sustainable part 1

Tips to be fashionable more sustainably in sustainable brands ZAIMARA and Guru

Looking to be fashionable more sustainably? Here are some of my tips to keep your closet more sustainable. As a bonus, you can build your wardrobe with items that look great for longer! 

We can help affect the impact of fast fashion through habit changes and the power of where we spend our money.

I split this into two posts because it was a little too long as one, with 18 tips in total.

Nine tips to be fashionable more sustainably

  1. Avoid fast fashion companies. Yes, they're cheaper, but they're destroying the environment. Instead of shopping at Shein, for example, maybe look for something similar locally, or you can repurpose it with a few changes. Bonus: shopping locally helps your area's economy. Also, it puts money into businesses that care about what happens rather than others.
  2. Buy vintage. This way, you're helping to reduce waste and environmental impacts from overproduction.
  3. Shop sustainable brands. Choose brands that care about the environment, pay their workers fairly, and are transparent about their supply chain, not just part of the chain. 
  4. Research your companies! Some companies promote sustainability but aren't transparent about their practices and may have unethical labour practices when making clothing. 
  5. Shop locally. Buying from local shops reduces shipping carbon emissions while supporting local economies.
  6. If you're buying from sustainable brands that aren't local, check their shipping to see if they offer carbon-neutral emissions options.
  7. Buy less, choose well. It's our tagline! Buy timeless pieces you know you'll wear often because they look good and fit well.  
  8. Choose fewer super trendy pieces per season because they will eventually go out of fashion again (sometimes as quickly as they come in). Mix and match them with your classic pieces for a stylish and creative look.
  9. Only invest in items you really like and need. Look at your style and consider if you already own something similar before buying anything new. 

Think about ways to buy less and choose well. Mix and match pieces and accessories to create multiple different looks. This not only helps the environment but also helps you create a unique style you can't always get from fast fashion.

As customers, we can help try to change the fashion industry's fast fashion business model to one of quality and value. 

Stay tuned for the other nine tips to be fashionable more sustainably!

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